born from the soul

Pape Armand Boye grew up in the city of Tenguech/Rufisque, Senegal..

Filled with rebellion and fueled by the writings of St. Exupery and Kafka, by the injustice Africa’s heavy history and by “la condition noire,” he left high school in 1985, the year he was due to graduate. At the age of 16 he left his family home and headed, alone, to Dakar.

His adolescence in Dakar was marked by both musical learning and personal struggle. For several years Armand spent his days hungry and his nights unsure of where he would sleep. Music became the foundation of his survival, and he learned to channel the tumultuousness of life into his art. His pain gave birth to a music that would both allow him to express and to feed himself. Hungry for guidance, a thin and tattered Armand knocked on the doors of successful musicians.
At times he waited outside their homes for days on end. Sometimes the doors would open and he would receive invaluable advice. But more often, they would remain closed and someone would be sent to chase the young boy away. Unable to afford his own instrument, he depended on the generosity of older musicians who would occasionally let him play on their instruments. It was in this manner that he taught himself the art of music. For years Armand struggled in this manner until at the age of 19 he was booked for his first big show at the exculsive venue Keur Samba. Holding a borrowed bass guitar almost bigger then his own thin frame, he shocked a cynical Dakar audience and from that point on gained a reputation as a sincere and skillful, no- nonsense artist.


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Pape Armand Boye "Wadji" single 2015

Single released in 2015

"Between lines" 2013

Djustpora’s 2013 release “Between Lines” showcases Armand’s years of songwriting and production vibrant compositions, combined with Ouly’s heart-filled interpretations.

"We can win" 2012

Badu Boye’s open- hearted harmonica, guitar, and vocals on We Can Win evoke Bob Dylan at his best in the early 1960s, but with a thoroughly contemporary edge... (Source Apsara)

Pape Armand Boye "Xareba" 2007

Xareba, which translates as “struggle” or “commitment”, Is the first solo album of Pape Armand. It was released in June 2007 and saw the participation of many talented musicians.

Compilation 2005
Town of Sceaux

Compilation album of French artist featuring the Boye Brothers.

Tama Woyou talibe

released in 1997 was produced by Sonimage, and recorded in Youssou Ndour’s Xippi Studio with his musicians (Super Etoile). It was a huge success in Senegal and opened the doors of Europe for Pape Armand and his brother.